Guidelines for Balloon Releases

All components in a Balloon Release must be biodegradable. We only supply 100% biodegradable balloons made from natural latex that will decompose at approximately the same rate as an oak leaf. The maximum size of balloon suitable for release is 12”.

Foil balloons are not suitable for a Balloon Release.

All balloons should be hand tied and no ribbons, string or plastic valves should be used. Labels should be attached via the hand tied balloon knot.

All labels must be made of paper, preferably recycled paper.

Only Helium gas should be used to inflate the balloons – it is an inert lighter-than-air gas. As the balloon rises, the gas expands until eventually the balloon bursts producing small fragments, which aid decomposition.

Balloons must never be knotted or tied together in bunches before being released. (They can safely be released from the release net supplied with your pack.)

Releases of over 5,000 balloons should not take place unless they have been cleared in advance with all relevant air traffic and local authorities. The Authorities must be notified in writing at least 28 days prior to the release.

Applying for permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. It is a requirement that if more than 5,000 balloons are being released you must apply in writing for permission to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) at least 28 days in advance of the release. The CAA must also be informed of any balloon releases up to 5,000 balloons if the release is in the vicinity of an airport or airfield. A form can be obtained by calling the Airspace Utilisation Section of the CAA on 0207 453 6599.

We recommend that Balloon Races of over 1,000 balloons should only be undertaken in association with professional balloon companies, such as ours, who have the experience and expertise to help you achieve a successful event.

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