Childrens parties, Christenings or Bah Mitzvah

Whether your son or daughter is being welcomed into the world, enjoying a birthday party or a Bah Mitzvah we have decorations to suit every theme and occasion. Please fill out this online form

There is no set budget for any Christening, Bah Mitzvah etc, and prices depend on where it is and how large it is etc. Some people have parties and events at home and like to arrange to collect a couple of simple decorations, these can cost as little as £12 to £15 up to £35 to £35. Other people are having larger parties in local venues and have more tables to decorate, and on average would probably then spend £150 to £350. Of course some people spend more, it depends on how many areas we decorate. Its important to remember that the more complicated the design, the more expensive it will be. For more information on prices contact us here or look at our price guide page here.

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Whether you want to decorate a small private party or a huge event, our balloon decorations will transform your venue and add the finishing touches to your special occasion.

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